"Hong kong-style milk tea originator" "LAN fangyuan" teamed up with "Watson international", opening a new fashion of hong kong-style milk tea!

May 8, 2019
by Albert Ginger

"LAN fang yuan", famous in Hong Kong for more than half a century, recently signed an agency agreement with "Watson international", "Watson" officially became the general agent in western Canada.Bring regular, quality guaranteed legal drinks to the large temperature market.

At present, the situation of parallel goods flooding in lanfangyuan in the big wen area has brought a lot of confusion to consumers, and there are also some potential unsafe factors.This time, LAN fangyuan grants "huasheng" the qualification of general agent, which is the responsible attitude to the majority of consumers, as well as the trust of "huasheng" market expansion ability.


The history of LAN fang yuan

"The story and knowledge behind hong kong-style milk tea"

"Black tea with condensed milk, served with guest toast. Talk to the waiter and the tea guest like old friends.Sometimes I forget to bring my money with me.A cup of milk tea, can drink this feeling."'it was the 1950s in Hong Kong, and that's when milk tea became popular,' says Mr. Wong.


After more than half a century of evolution, hong kong-style milk tea has not only become the favorite of Hong Kong people, but also an excellent cup of milk tea and even the "treasure of the town" of many tea restaurants.


The fusion of milk and tea produces milk tea with milk flavor and tea aroma.In China, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of the world have the aroma of milk tea.Hong Kong milk tea is known as "silk stocking milk tea", which is developed by Hong Kong people on the basis of British milk tea. It has a strong tea flavor and a long milk aroma. It has been popular in Hong Kong for more than half a century.

 Original recipe, refreshing and healthy

After fully considering the nature, thickness, color and producing area of tea, the milk tea of LAN fang yuan selected 5 kinds of Sri Lanka's natural top class black tea to be blended and become, the main choice of Sri Lanka's Colombo season after black tea, with other four kinds of tea.This also laid the hong kong-style milk tea is different from other milk tea characteristics, that is, tea rich flavor.


The raw materials are natural and exquisite

The rain is steady in the central region of Sri Lanka, and the tea production is good, especially the natural post-harvest tea from February to October. The tea leaves are plump, dark and nice.

Tea is divided into three categories: coarse tea, medium tea and young tea, showing different functions: coarse tea is excellent, medium tea is responsible for tea taste and sweet, and young tea is responsible for tea aroma.


Lanfangyuan selects the natural tea here to ensure the authentic tea taste.


Eight hand bump tea, release tea fragrance

To make a cup of hong kong-style milk tea, in addition to the basic steps of making tea, there are also steps of baking tea, beating tea, beating milk and so on.The master takes two teapot and rushes the black tea back and forth, as if performing magic tricks. During the process, the fragrance of the tea overflows and leaves people salivating.


"There are many grades of tea. In the 1950s, Hong Kong's economy was not as good as it is now.Now they use more high-grade tea."Mr. Wong said the evolution of milk tea has also followed Hong Kong's economic pace, moving from the poor to all walks of life."With a population of more than 7 million, Hong Kong now consumes 2.5 million cups of milk tea every day.

Hong kong-style milk tea is out of Hong Kong

According to industry estimates, Hong Kong now has about 7, 000 cha chaan restaurants and about 14, 000 tea makers.In 1952, Mr. Lin linhe founded the LAN fang yuan brand and LAN fang yuan food stall in Hong Kong's baihua street, the first silk stocking milk tea and yuanyang milk tea, collectively known as hong kong-style milk tea.Hong kong-style milk tea was popular in 1956.LAN fangyuan is still covered with iron block shop, but the best drink of Hong Kong milk tea.In the 20th century, for many Hong Kong people in high-stress work environments, LAN fangyuan milk tea is rich in tea polyphenols, which can refresh the mind and refresh the mind. Drinking a cup of LAN fangyuan milk tea every morning has become part of the life of white-collar workers.According to statistics, there are 7 million people in Hong Kong and 6 million people drink milk tea.Every day, 2.5 million cups of milk tea are consumed, and nearly 1 billion cups are consumed in a year, generating direct economic benefits of more than 10 billion Hong Kong dollars.In 2016, in order to let more mainlanders drink authentic hong kong-style silk stockings milk tea, LAN fangyuan launched "LAN fangyuan cup stocking milk tea", listed in Hong Kong and the mainland at the same time, playing "tired tired new choice!Hong Kong LAN fang yuan "slogan




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