Watson Enterprises Inc obtained the exclusive agency in Canada

May 23, 2019
by Albert Ginger

Recently, Watson Enterprises Inc. one of the famous food wholesale companies in Canada, joined hands with hankou no. 2 soda factory again, and Watson international has become the general agent of Canada.

Watson international co., LTD is Canada's largest food traders, in Canada to serve the majority of consumers for nearly 20 years which is a household name star enterprises.

"Hankou no. 2 soda factory" is positioned as a fashionable and fashionable drink, and it is the manufacturer of "hankou no. 2 soda factory" brand old soda with the largest sales volume.In general stores, "hankou no. 2 factory" brand soft drinks are sold together with imported drinks such as Japanese "pinball soft drinks" and French evian mineral water.The annual sales of Coca-Cola soda in glass bottles are about 20 million yuan, while the annual sales of "hankou no. 2 plant" exceed 100 million yuan (nationwide).


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